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    Our Weekly Mowing Service

    "Taking care of your yard the right way!"

    Weekly lawn mowing service consists of mowing the lawn with the appropriate size of equipment. We want you to have a quality cut so our blades are kept sharp daily. We also trim around all trees, shrubs and any other obstacles in the lawn. We use a power edging machine to ensure your walkways, driveways and patios are neatly trimmed. Before we leave your property the crew will take power blowers and clean off all walks, driveways and patios.

    We generally use three men to a crew, the same three men all summer long will be on your property. They will change up the direction of the cut each week to avoid ruts and prevent grass from getting pushed over.

    Mowing starts in early April (based on the type of spring we're having) and continues through October. Grass should generally be mowed every week to prevent stress from cutting too much plant growth off at one time (this is a must if you have Kentucky Blue Grass). Failure to do this will cause your lawn to look tired and old. Mulch builds up too fast and causes fungus and root rot to get started.

    The last mow of the year is usually shorter to help minimize mice problems (common in the Bitterroot). A shorter lawn in winter helps combat snow mold and other fungus problems caused by long we winters.


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