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    The Lawns Etc. Turf Program

    "Taking care of your yard the right way!"

    The turf program is designed to give proper nutrients and weed control on a regular basis to assure a healthy weed free lawn. Technicians who have been tested and licensed by the Montana Department of Agriculture will arrive on your property at a regularly scheduled time. Each application will vary based on the conditions of your lawn.


Our 4 Step Process

  • Step 1 Early Spring

    Dethatch the lawn. It helps keep your sprinkers above ground. It helps your fertilizer and watering get to the roots. It keeps night crawlers out of your yard and helps your lawn fight off fungus problems.

  • Step 2 Weed Spray

    This application, applied in late April through May, usually consists of a liquid weed application over the entire lawn area. This application gets rid of unwanted broadleaf weeds in your lawn (ie dandy lions, canadian thistle, etc).

  • Step 3 Mid Summer Fertilizing (July)

    A specially formulated granular fertilizer by Soctt's is applied during this visit. It is designed to provide the necessary nutrients without causing burning of the grass from the summer heat.

  • Step 4 Fall (Late September)

    Aerate and fall fertilize the lawn. This application applied late in September is designed to strengthen the grass plant and open up soil to take fall and winter moisture and nutrients into the ground and plant.

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